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A company dedicated to providing specialist communications services for rural industry which are cost effective and get results.

Some Agri-Prose Clients

Unimin Ltd

Unimin is a major manufacturer of agricultural lime in eastern Australia. Articles and photos of farmers successfully using Unimin AgLime in Queensland, NSW and Victoria are produced for the company’s successful publication Lime Link.

Department of Natural Resources and Mines Several successful writing and publicity projects have been undertaken for this Queensland Government department. A major promotion is introducing the unique Vegetation Incentives Program to landholders State-wide.

This Adelaide-based company is an Australian leader in pasture genetics. Farm success stories with a range of their pasture seeds, including the new Generation multileaf lucerne, are written in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Genetic Solutions

The Brisbane-based company Genetic Solutions specialises in the commercialisation of DNA technologies, principally for application in the beef industry. Agri-Prose was responsible for the media launch of the world’s first gene markers for production traits in beef cattle. On-going publicity has been generated including the successful nomination of Scientific Director Dr Jay Hetzel as the 2003 Beef Achiever of the Year.

 Sub-Tropical Dairy Program

Agri-Prose has provided a range of services for this Program which is funded through Dairy Australia Ltd.. These range from an introduction brochure and annual report to media releases and production of a dairy animal welfare booklet.

Several writing projects for this major Sydney publishing house include co-authoring the book Sustaining a Nation which marked one hundred years of agriculture in Australia. A companion volume on the mining industry Forging a Nation has now been produced.


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