Seminar Program


Saturday, Nov 15


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Session 1 at 9.30 am


Ross Shannon, Bluegum Beef.

The challenges of branded food marketing


Paul Ziebarth, EcoFoods

Environmentally friendly food for consumers


Rob Fletcher, UQ Gatton Campus

New crops picking commercial winners



Session 2 at 11 am


Kitty Kinivan, Suncorp

Interest rate risk management for business borrowers


Robert Pekin, Community Supported Agriculture

Bridging the gap between farmers and the urban population


Svenska Jeffrey, DPI Fire Ant Control Centre

Defeating an exotic pest invasion in Queensland





Presentations by Jan Power and Mondo Organic Restaurant





Session 3 at 2 pm


Rhonda Scoullar, The AgAware Group

Increasing the understanding of agriculture in schools


Bill Justo, Suncorp

Who will inherit the family farm? Planning for retirement


Alison Willis, DPI Food Technology

How to commercialise your food product



Sunday, Nov 16


Session 4 at 9.30 am


Henry Palaszczuk, Minister for Primary Industries

Promoting the great food grown in Queensland.


 Jacqui Balston, Queensland Centre for Climate Applications
 Drought in south east Queensland


Greg Banff, Lockyer Water Forum

Water options for Locker farmers



Session 5 at 11 am

Daryl Joyce, UQ Gatton Campus

Building a native flower industry in Queensland


Ian Millar, DPI Food Technology

Farmhouse Cheese making


Siobhaun Shapcopp, Farmers Online Market

Marketing food on the internet


12.30 pm


Presentation by Mondo Organic Restaurant




Session 6 at 2 pm



Trevor Battersby, Suncorp

Business planning strategies for a secure future


Jean Koek, Equine Thermal Imaging

Using infrared digital technology with horses


Peter Bell, Animal Nutritionist

Getting nutrition right for horses



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